The Promise Notes

by A Plastic Rose

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released March 28, 2011

Engineered by Thomas Camblin
Mixed by A Plastic Rose and Thomas Camblin
Mastered by Neal Calderwood
at Manor Park Studio
Oceans mixed by Neal Calderwood
Strings on Oceans arranged by
Anthony Korny Devenney
Violin: Clare Galway
Cello: Aoife Glenn
Percussion: Thomas Camblin

Piano on The Last Shining star by
Thomas Camblin
Lyrics: Ian McHugh and Gerry Norman

Music by A Plastic Rose

A Plastic Rose are:
Ian Mchugh, Gerry Norman, Troy Heaton, David Reid

Artwork: Pictographik

Di Di Mau records

A Plastic Rose would like to thank:

Rory McConnell and Di Di Mau Records for your management and guidance. If it wasn't for you this record would not be possible and we'd probably still be stuck on top of a mountain in Somerset.

For the support:
Jerry Norman Senior, Kathleen Wilson, Charlie and Jo, Charlie’s Coffee Shop R.I.P. Thomas Camblin, Eoin McGinn, Marian Noone, ButtonPusher, Darren Doherty, Omar Benhassine, Brian Collins, Sweet Pete, Phil Dalton, Jamie and his camera, Ryan McCormick, Paddy Glasgow, Dermot McBride, Dee & everyone at Radar and Mandela Hall, Wikiki, JJ, McCarren, Jonathan Tate, Stuart Bailey, Charlene Dryden, Hew Stevens, John and Martin at Destiny Darren Mathews, Steven Rainey, John at Destiny, William Johnston, Darren Taylor, Joe Dougan, Faye Lewis, D’Nile, Volume Control, Matt Patton, Will McConnell, Jessica Rodgers, Ryan Martin, Colm Laverty, Carrie Davenport, Glasgowbury, All Gone Pop,, LiveWire, Dicey Reilly’s Strabane, The Oh Yeah Music Centre, Pigstock, Panic Dots,Cathal Funge at Phantom FM, Dan Hegarty at 2FM, Queen’s Radio, BBC ATL, BBC Introducing, Party Fodder, Rock Sound. Anyone who has written a positive word, played with, came to our shows, gave us a gig, told their friends about us or pointed a camera at us. Many many more...

For the couches:
Auntie Mary, Stevie Teague, Marty Toner, Daniel Oaks, Molly Diamond, Gavin Lawrie, Brian Kenny, Dave Murphy, Ali Safavi, Amy & Tom, Richard Thompson, Jim and Kirst,

For the Inspiration:
General Fiasco, ASIWYFA, Tapasia, Kasper Rosa, Alright the Captain, The Good Fight, Mojo Fury, Axis Of, Gacy’s Threads, LaFaro, Maybeshewill, Colenso Parade, Sound Child, Team Fresh, Six Star Hotel, Kowalski, Ego, Ram’s Pocket Radio, Angelfall, Before Machines, Panama Kings, Ed Zealous, Strait Laces, Not Squares, Dutch Schultz, The Dead Flags, Under Stars and Gutters, Disconnect 4, Pocket Promise, Berkeley, What the Blood Revealed, Heritage Centre, Seven Summits.

For the will to keep going:
The Norman, McHugh, Wilson and Reid Families for allowing us to do what we love, our many friends in Belfast and beyond and all of our fans for your support from the very beginning. Northern Irish bands (All of them) you are all part of something special and we are proud to be sharing stages with you and watching you perform. We are not only your friends but your fans. You for buying this CD. In doing so you are helping to fund our tours, recording sessions, petrol and everything else that we need to keep us going and for that we are eternally grateful. You are A Plastic Rose.


all rights reserved



A Plastic Rose Belfast, UK

Kerrang! Magazine: “A Plastic Rose deserve whole heartedly to be your new favourite band”

Huw Stephens (Radio 1/NME) “Mezmerising”

Gary Lightbody (Snow Patrol/Tired Pony) “A revolution of the Heart”

RockSound; “APRs future looks very exciting indeed”

Artrocker: “Dragging Rock & Roll into the 21st Century”

Gigape: “Expect big things”
... more

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Track Name: The Metal Man
This shore and these men in their bars - they depend on me;
And they crash in my mind, and these waves; they are calling me
But I can't wait; I can't waste; another year of failure

So I'll waste my time
Like you said. Like you always said;
And I will shine my light into the sea.

So let's pretend like we always did
As these stars I hung upon your wall grow dim;
And they count, in the dark, the hounding years.
So I'll take a boat to the tower, to the rock, that was built for me.

Bracing nowhere.

(So let these waves pour over me; these bodies could never hold us.)
Track Name: The Stuttering
Saturday delivers like a bullet.
What a way to live. What a way to breathe!
So listen hard;
these conversations keep me fighting for life
in circles, in circles.

I swear I'll never falter.
Trying to keep my head under the water;
surfaces so clear cover me now.
Dig in hard;
it's a cold hard way to be free.

It's torture.

Deliverance is easy when your crawling on your knees.
The sickening sound of breaking down, the stutter of defeat
and I'm sorry to let go.

I'm not going home.

(Don't place your dreams in front of my feet)
Track Name: Louder Than Me
Breaking with desire I can smell the air from tyres.
(I wanted to make something louder than me)
Every waking hour I am haunted by the party brokers towers so excited as they feed.

I wanted to believe I deserved the air I breathe
I was wrong, I swear.
But I can't break what I cannot see.

Bracing me is like a slow disease.
(I wanted to make something louder than me)
The bodies of the fallen lie in patterns on the roadway
like the playing out of particles they cling together

Can't you see that it's broken,
can't you see that it's bigger than me?
I can tall that it's over now.

(So let these waves pour over me;
these bodies could never hold us.)

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